The Brief

Netflix wanted ownable branding for its true crime offering to promote it’s upcoming title slate and the return of Tiger King.

In a world of true crime streamers, how could Netflix set itself apart as the home of true crime?

The Breakthrough

Compared to other streamers’ by-the-books approach, Netflix’ signature shows like Tiger King feature a sleek style and tongue-in-cheek tone that better represents actual true crime pop culture.

By focusing on this style and its ‘light’ true crime shows in particular, Netflix could demonstrate its unique positioning in the world of true crime entertainment.

Assembling The Clues

The best way to make Netflix
the Home of True Crime? Literally.

Netflix decided to build a physical
Home of True Crime, teasing each of
its five new titles with clues in a
stylized, intriguing space.

Behind The Scene

To bring the home of true crime to life, Netflix partnered with VMA-winning Tanu Muino to visualize a title-reveal trailer.

The trailer would reveal Netflix’ slate with a detective ‘solving’ previously teased material in the space, and welcome Netflix viewers into the Home of True Crime.

Building The Set

From a Bad Vegan dinner table
to the Tinder Swindler’s bed,
the Home of True Crime came
to life in a meticulously designed
mid-century gothic room.

Armchair Detectives

Teaser video and
images sparked the
curiosity of Netflix
fans across the
world, each doing
their best to guess
the new shows.

Tiktok Theories

Across Tiktok, creators
and fans did their best
to break down the clues
at each island to
‘solve’ the room.

Title Announcement Trailer

The title announcement trailer
finally dropped, revealing Tiger
King’s return and a slate of shows
that dealt cleverly with
conspiracies around the worlds of
crypto, veganism and dating apps.

The tone and music of the trailer
sent the clear message that
Netflix’ tongue-in-cheek style
makes it the home of true crime
for viewers everywhere.

The Full Breakdown

Intrigued fans could
solve the case on their
own with our
interactive microsite:

Fan Reactions

From the tone and engagement of the campaign
to the interactive microsite, viewers found
‘Home of True Crime’ to be a striking
positioning for the programming they love.
The Home of
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